Sunday, February 13, 2011

Marker Paper

Seriously? Do you know how much I paid for this crappy paper?? At least eleven or twelve bucks! And it's in my cartoon journal, since I'm testing papers to try and find the one I love. This morning I tore a piece out of my journal because I used a crappy pen and then tried to go over it with a good pen and blah, blah, blah, so I tore out this piece and THEN I thought "Yay, I can play with my copics on it and see how AMAZING it is - since it's MARKER PAPER!!"

Yeah, not so much. I know the following pics are kind of crappy, I had to take them with my phone, too close for comfort so you could see the color comparisons. The copic marker color chart was given to me by a copic supplier, so it's not even like I printed it at home on crappy paper.

This is e000 - a light color, to be sure, but you can barely even see it on the paper at all. If you didn't KNOW it was colored, it just looks white.
This is e00, another light color, but look at the difference between the chart and the paper - ridiculous!

This is b24 for my son's pretty blue eyes. It's SO bad!! Really, really bad.
I just want to find an amazing copic marker paper that keeps my colors true, doesn't feather, blends easily, and doesn't seep through the back so I can use both sides. Too much to ask?


  1. Goog, trying to help with your quest. I have heard that this is good paper for copic's.

  2. Thank you, Juel!! I have a friend who's a copic instructor and she says this is a good one, too. I'm going to try it soon!!

  3. I've been using regular cardstock purchased from Office Max... been not bleeding and seems to hold the colors well. Been drawing some folkart cake and teapot type pics for fun. The paper is cheap! But, it does bleed through to the back. I haven't found anything, except maype 300lb elephant water color paper, that doesn't bleed through. (I only tried it on the elephant scrap, that's way way to expensive for my blood!)

  4. Thanks Chris, but I'm not looking for a paper that will "hold" the color - that seems like exactly OPPOSITE of what I want it to do. I want it to stay wet for as long as possible so I can get an even tone AND so I can blend it. I use a plain white cardstock for TONS of stuff, and tried it with the copics - it's HORRIBLE for blending.