Friday, February 11, 2011

Fabriano Rosapina

I've been trying to find a paper for someone - someone else gave her a piece but purchased it years ago and has no idea what the actual paper is. She's pretty sure it's Fabriano, but not sure what I've been hunting. When I found this Rosapina, I thought it felt a LOT like it. But then I tried to cut it with my razor cutter and it did THIS:
Still, my partner (Kelly!!) has a different kind of cutter and I was thinking if this paper was fabulous we could just try her cutter. And THEN...(dun dun DUN - hear the creepy music, please). Little bits of paper started tearing off when I was blending. It was like using construction paper meant for a Kindergartener.

(This is a little piece of paper on my white pencil!)
Rip here:and here:Another disappointing paper. Still, this is the point of the Paper Research Project. So far my letdowns have been: Stonehenge, Canford (no surprise there, just wanted to test it), and now Fabriano Rosapina. In the lead still: Fabriano Artistico. (Today was Blick MADNESS so I got seven sheets of it...)


  1. Strange that it breaks appart so easily. I wonder what it is used for? Printing perhaps? Have you tried Fabriano Classico? I have heard about it, but can find stock to try. What was the problem with Stonehenge?

  2. I've never tried Fabriano Classico because I can't get it in stores and it's to expensive to buy online and take the chance of hating it! Stonehenge was horrible with every medium I tried with it: colored pencils wouldn't blend; paints came out splotchy if I added ANY water at all; paint seeped through the back (and I don't work very wet, I'm not a watercolor person at all); the copic marker colors didn't stay true; certain glues/tapes didn't stick to it at all. It was just bad nees all around.