Monday, February 7, 2011

The Masters Project: Month 3

Since it's You Suck Monday and we were both feeling it, Kelly and I decided to harass our friend Ajae (because we can) into journaling. Ajae makes wonderful art, but she is often disappointed by how long it takes her to finish a piece. I've been trying to get her into journaling and The Masters Project seemed like the perfect way!

This month we're doing Donna Downey. We're going to watch some Inspiration Wednesday videos and follow along, but since Ajae's never seen Donna (she's probably watching her right now, I convinced her life would never be the same) I just sent her some pics of Donna's work and we got started.My background is yellow (hansa yellow to be exact) but it looks white in the picture - stupid iPhone camera. The pink is a really fun airbrush paint!

I wanted another color, but didn't necessarily want it dripping back into the pink, so I dripped it from the side...

Then I did it again with a teal, which seemed like an enormous mistake at the time!

And here I added some stamps, embossed them, clear embossed some teeny little flowers (they make me happy), and added brown ink to the orange (it needed something) and to the edges.

Then I added a quote. It doesn't seem quite finished - the words run into the flowers, which I don't really like so I was thinking about doing some white outlining but do I outline the flowers or the words? I'm not sure yet. I'll live with it for a while and see if I can think of what it needs.

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  1. ThaNk YoU and KeL... for making my funk, less funky!