Friday, February 4, 2011

Drawing on the plane...

I'm trying to not treat my faces as something "precious" and just treat them like what they are - pencil on paper. Gotta get over myself a little and realize that I can always just DRAW ANOTHER ONE.
With that in mind, I just sort of pushed paint around and it's making me pretty happy.
I want to do the "dreamer" on her neck with ink or something that drips down and makes it look like she's bleeding...

PS Why do people think Minnesota is dreary in the winter? People always say how it's "sunny" where they are. Snow does not equal dreary grayness. We have LOTS of sunshine in the winter. It's just cold and sunny. Is that so surprising?


  1. Yesterday's blue skies were such a delight in the twin cities. Although winter does get to be long, I wouldn't want to live anywhere without all four seasons!

  2. she is absolutely gorgeous love her

  3. I like the whole, "gotta get over myself" thing!! That's what I need to do!!

    She is coming along so nicely!! XO