Friday, August 26, 2011

Alcohol inks for next YSM

Hey, suckers. I made my own alcohol inks and here they are!! 

It was super, mega, ridiculously easy. I got my Sharpies and spray bottles from Wal-Mart. Oh, alcohol, too. I've never had rubbing alcohol at my house - what do you rub it on? Anyway, I made them and you can, too! My markers did NOT pull apart easily like the woman in the video's, but I just used my enormous pliers to snap them where the colored part meets the gray part.

Here is where I was spraying (it's really a terrible book):

That's red, and I really like how bright it is, especially compares to the sprays we made with the Rit dyes. I love those colors, too, but they're mostly dark shades, and these all turned out pretty bright!

Wait - but, Goog, why would you make more sprays when you already HAVE sprays? Alcohol inks are permanent on all surfaces, while the rit dyes are only permanent on porous surfaces. That means metal, plastic, glass - we can color those things with our alcohol inks! Try making them, I promise it's the easiest art project you've ever done!

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