Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just babbles today...

First things first, Mercury retrograde is FINALLY over. 

This is a combo of two pictures on my iPhone that I made with a fun new app! It's called ArtStudio (one word, I don't know why) and of course I got the free version. I'm cheap.

And today is Kelly's birthday! Unfortunately we're both feeling shitty and are postponing the celebration until better days. 

I'm boring when I'm sick. My brain feels like there are cobwebs over it and I just sit, staring at nothing. It's boring. Really boring. I've tried to scrapbook about 75 times today but every time I sat at the computer, I just  couldn't even remember how. So, I drew a quarter of a face on Kelly's birthday page in my BORING planner (Ajae thinks it's boring, she said so!) and played with my new app and that's about it. Maybe tomorrow I'll be feeling more lively. 

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