Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You Suck Monday - Collage!

Collage is one of the many things I am horrible at. I'm not good with composition, or "matching" colors - I kinda like things to clash. Example: one of my socks is purple with orange and green circles, the other is pink and white stripes. That's just the kind of chick I am! Anyway, collage was the game of the day and here is what I made:

It came out pretty good, I think.I sort of chickened out and did a collage mosaic.I cut the bottom and top of the cupcake out, then carefully tore them into pieces, keeping them in the exact order I needed them to be so it would look like a cupcake when I was done! It's still collage, so it still counts. AND it's for my best friend Suzi's birthday and she liked it so that's all that matters!

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