Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Brass monkey...that funky monkey...

Just a song that's stuck in my head. I love to share. So, You Suck Monday this week was about text. I like it as background. Very rarely is text my focus but it's a really great way to add a layer, to add texture, with very little effort. Examples:

This is a canvas journal I just made. She was looking EXTREMELY boring and slightly awkward until I added a little text stamping. My stamp doesn't have anything on it you could actually read, it's just scripty gibberish, but it makes a difference!

This is the girl who started You Suck Monday. I journaled on her before adding paint, and in her hair after adding it! It looks really shiny on camera, but in real life you can barely see any of the writing.

Here's one where there was a huge blank space and it needed "something". I love the quote and how much the writing adds to the piece!

That's "the Ugly Me" and he's drawn on book text, but there's also journaling underneath him.

I was feeling crappy today, so I didn't make anything specifically for YSM like I usually do and I was surprised to see how much stuff I already HAD with text as a part of it and how often I use text. Start with a text stamp. Or a book you hate.

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