Tuesday, August 16, 2011

YSM - Doodles!

I'm not a good doodler. Never have been. I don't doodle while I'm on the phone, I never doodled in class (I took copious notes in class), I'm just not good at it! Then what happens is I'll doodle one little thing and it comes out pretty good and I'll think "I can TOTALLY doodle!!" but then I try again and find out I was wrong. So, here's my YSM doodles, and it's OK if you think they're ugly because I know they are!!

This one's just a flower on book text, glued into my Cheap Thoughts Journal (CTJ)

This was me trying to give my self a contained area to doodle in (I like circles!)

More circles (kinda). I like things to go off the page (I have no idea why).

Then with these two pictures, I wanted to show you guys how much of a difference something as simple as WHAT you're doodling on can make. Here's my CTJ page with little roses:

And here's little roses on book text:

I think the book text makes a big difference, especially if you're not a great doodler. It just adds a little something that makes me happy!

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