Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Alphabet Stamps

Doodled and carved by my very own hand, what could be more fun than that?? They're one inch by one inch, and the tall ones (t, h, etc) are one by one and a half. I love them. I really, really love them!

I stamped a few during the process, just to make sure I was happy with them (I was!):

And here they are all done and happy.

So, hubby wanted to know if carving letters backward was "easier" for me because of my dylexia. Just in case you're wondering the answer is NO. It was not easy for me at all, and stamping letters is always a challenge for me - you can cell when I was test stamping that I thought the "n" stamp was "u" - even though I wrote "n" on the back of it (of course, upside down they look the same...). I get really confused with b,d,p,q,s,z, and j. Not g - I'm totally fine with g, but j really gets to me. Finally I sat right next to the computer so I could see which direction the letters pointed, typing them to get the lowercase ones when I needed to. Good times.

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