Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fluid Acrylics by Goog!

I know we all love our Golden fluid acrylics, but you know what? I'm cheap and I'm poor. I have four bottles of Goldens and a countless number of cheap craft paints because that's what I can afford. Until today. 

Today I went to Blick's and got the cheapest acrylics I could find. They were $3.41 each and are 4 ounces. I got quin magenta, a "titan buff" looking color, and three colors I thought would make good face colors.

And I got this:

And I made these:

I just tested the quin magenta in my CTJ and it works exactly like my Golden one except one thing - it's not as shiny BECAUSE my Glazing liquid is satin finish. You can get a glossy one and it will look exactly like a fluid acrylic. I'm fucking STOKED! I LOVE these!


  1. wow - what a great idea!!!!!!! Could you put them in a spray bottle too or aren't they thin enough? Thanks Goog -I'm doing this as soon as I find the bottles!!

  2. Hi, Jan! These are not thin enough for a spray bottle, but you could probably use airbrush medium instead of glazing medium if you wanted to make sprayable paints!