Monday, October 10, 2011

This girl was an accident. Or she was drawn over an accident. However you wanna look at it. I went to Kelly's on the same day she had a very important phone call she'd been waiting for. So I let myself in and peeked out the back door and she was sitting out on the porch on the phone. Miraculously, the dogs didn't bark (they were koutside with her and didn't notice me) so I got some water and sat in the mitchen (so if the dogs looked in they wouldn't see me) and drew a REALLY pretty girl. Just pencil on the plain page but SO pretty. 

This is not her. My thought was I brayer white over her and add some strength to the page with the paint. I should have used a brush because the brayer puts paint on thicker than I would have and it COMPLETELY covered her. Cheap, white craft paint. Usually you can SEE THROUGH that stuff. Not this time. That paint was NOT messing around. So I was skarting with my peeps last night and I made her:

And that:

Oh, well. Sometimes things just don't work out they way you want them to!!

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