Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Challenge

I, Ariana, CT girlie, challenge you, world, to scrap your bad photos. That's right - the blurry ones. The ones were you were just about to snap the cutest picture ever but the baby/toddler/teenager turned away at the last second and all you got was the back of their head. The smile that turned to a frown or tears. The ones that started as a frown or tears. The ones where your loved one suddenly flung their hand up to hide their face. The ones you keep on your computer but have no intention of ever using. Dig them out. Let's see 'em.

Challenge details: it will be for the month of October 2011, the layout must be at least 75% Kat's Creations products, and the winner will get a $10 to her shop.

Here's one of mine:
The picture is HORRIBLY blurry, but look at his little face!! I LOVE the look on his face. It was too cute to hide on my computer forever. For this layout I used Backyard BBQ, a collaboration by Kat's Creations and Trish H Designs and Backyard BBQ Templates by Kat's Creations.

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