Monday, October 3, 2011

Kelly's and blah

So, the other day I was supposed to go to school and print something but instead I went to Kelly's! We hung out, had JimmyJohn's (we didn't freak) and made a journal bag. I painted a little in my CTJ, drew a silly girl in pen on the paper that Kelly covers my workspace with (I'm sloppy). I've been playing with these two pages for a couple of days and they just make me happy! The girl on the right is drawn with blue glaze pen and while she's not perfect, I like her. I wrote about my day in her "shirt" and gave her a date. (We didn't go to Smashburger, by the way.) I LOVE journaling like this. Whatever goes through my head hits the page. Good times.

And because I've enjoyed the process, I usually end up liking the page, even if it's ugly.

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