Saturday, June 9, 2012


This is how you know you're friends with EXACTLY the right people. Hubby got me these shoes for our anniversary. I took this pic and texted it and the words "Anniversary present" to two of my friends using an app called WhatsApp - it allows us to ALWAYS have a group conversation going on. It's sort of glitchy, so the pic sent but not the words. All they got was this:

And in return I got this:

And this:

No questions, no comments, they just acted like it was COMPLETELY NORMAL for me to send a picture of my feet and they sent pictures back. Now, honestly, feet are not that surprising of a photo round robin for us. Sometimes we send really close up pics of our eyeballs for no reason other than we can. (No, we're not bored. We have each other!) It just really cracked me up. My friends are super awesome.

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