Monday, June 11, 2012

New Silly Fun

How often do you look at something in a store and proclaim that you could do it yourself and therefore don't need it? I do that all the time, and sometimes I followthrough and sometimes not. This is one of those followthrough times!

I took this picture at Home Goods (same thing as TJ Maxx, but no clothes, just stuff):

And so I've been playing with pictures of buildings and turning them into these:

I have several more done, and am going to try a few more with more famous places - the White House, memorials, Empire State Building, stuff like that. Then I'm going to try and do more than one building/color at a time. Fun, right?


  1. Personally, I like all your pictures WAY better than the home goods one! I LOVE the Ferris Wheel especially. Very cool!

  2. I've made about a zillion of them so far, I'm going to print and frame some, I just LOVE them!! The ferris wheel one is the Eye of London or the London Eye or whatever. It came out awesome!