Saturday, June 16, 2012


Suzi bought me my first Rapidograph pen - it was $35!! It's a "technical" pen and it's steel tipped, which I find VERY appealing. Most of the time when I buy super fine point pens, they're felt tipped and the tip sticks out really far and bends over when I'm trying to use it. Ridiculous. I've been trying really hard to find good pens for my cartoon journals and this is going to be THEM. I'm going to learn how to use them and love them. I found them on eBay for $55 for the whole set, bought some ink and made all of them work except one.

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  1. Goog, the one that doesn't work, leave it to soak in a little warm water, that should dislodge any dried ink inside that is preventing the new ink to flow. Probably best to shake it through and leave it to air dry once you have soaked it. Beverley xx