Thursday, June 28, 2012

A quilt for Baby G

Have I mentioned that my sister-in-law is carrying my niece?? I'm pretty excited about it! Our last name starts with G, so they're calling her Baby G. No real name choices yet, but I can't wait to meet her! I didn't take pictures of the fabrics before I started because I didn't like them. My mom and husband picked out the pattern and the fabrics. But it came out really pretty, so here are some in-progress pics! 

This is a pile of blocks ready to be squared up:

Here they are after being squared up:

Laying out the blocks so they make a cool swirly thing:

Top all sewn together, I LOVE the swirly thing!!

I'm hoping to get it all quilted and sent to my mom so she can give it to my SIL at the shower in July but if that doesn't happen, I'll bring it to her myself when I get to meet her! 

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