Friday, February 14, 2014

A Project Gone Astray

This is an antique book, purchased for a particular purpose:

And I tried, I really did, to use it for its intended purpose:

This is what a completed page could look like. Monotone, white/gray/black, collage with a little paint and a little charcoal...

But I didn't like it. I just didn't like it! I'm not a gray chick. Just not. And so I decided that being happy with this journal was more important than following along with the project. So I painted the cover. Sprayed it. Added some mustache duct tape. LOVED it.

Told a friend of mine this is what I was going to call my next journal:

Now I loved it EVEN MORE, and I couldn't wait to start working in it!

And, of course, the back:

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