Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Purple, purple, PURPLE!

Gilmore Girls. Anyone? No? It's OK. There was this episode where Lorelai and Sookie were talking about designers and it was super funny. They were all super funny. Anyway, I was journaling in the car - nothing new, my bosses have no idea how to get to work on time and I'm often sitting in the car waiting for them to get there. I really love how she came out!

You know how some people get that GREAT depth with hair? Me, not so much. I used more than one color and everything, but they just merged into a grayish purple color. Aided by the Vanilla that was still on the brush. (I wiped it off on my pajamas first, but clearly I didn't get it all.)

Now, for some reason I'm getting panicky about her. I didn't get where I wanted with the hair, I smudged up her face, I didn't journal under that one part of the hair (had to go somewhere before I was finished journaling), the face needs color but sometimes color messes it all up, blah, blah, blah... So I'm going to ignore her. Turn the page and move on. Boom.

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