Saturday, February 22, 2014


I painted this page while I was in Ireland and only had a few paint colors with me - that's why she has blue hair! Honestly, I love her and her blue hair. I love her background. But something about her felt incomplete, and there was a lot of empty space around her. People are so weird sometimes about a journal page being "finished" and I'm not like that - I do what I feel like right now and I move on to the next page whenever I feel like it. But this one I kept coming back to and thinking it wasn't quite finished. Three clouds later and it feels SO MUCH BETTER to me. I can't even tell you. How silly is it that three little clouds would make it feel complete like that? I'm a details kind of chick, but not usually with my art. A lot of what I do feels sort of incomplete, but I'm not really sure how to "finish" it. This feels like a breakthrough. Or too much cinnamon whiskey (I know, this blog is going to post in the morning but I'm writing it at night, I swear! Not that I'm above "day drinking", I enjoy a cocktail at any time of day!)

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