Friday, February 7, 2014

Family Fun by Sweet Digi Scraps

I love all of Liz's work, but HOW GREAT is this kit?? Birght colors + silly fun = Goog's favorite!
You can find it here!

This is me, Ian, Brian, and Pat playing Life in Ireland - I won, of course!

And this is me, Mini Me, and his daddy playing Trouble, with Puma supervising. 

They're both templates (Liz calls them Sweet Inspiration!!) and available in the bundle or you can get the kit by itself and any/all of the other pieces separately. I love templates, I just can't help it! And c'mon, ,look at that pie wedge one, what could be more fun than that?? And here's a fun useless factoid for you - in Ireland the game that is Trouble in America is called Frustration!! Who knew? (Well, I guess people probably do, but I didn't.)

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