Monday, February 3, 2014

Wait for me

I'm not really a collager, but I've been feeling sort of "stuck" with my journals lately. It's so crazy because sometimes I journal every day and it's just paint or drawings, but lately it's been mostly just words spilling out everywhere.

I joined The Artstronauts Club and Mindy Lacefield posted a video - it's just her playing in her journal, no talking, no teaching - and it was just the push I needed to pick up the paintbrush and start playing. So I did.

I painted over the attempt I made at a Mindy style face - I just can't paint like her. 

So I painted happy instead!

I was just going to put the words "wait for me, I'm coming" but when I started writing, I felt the need to add the "I'm worth it" and so I did...

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