Friday, January 7, 2011


Not mine, though I do get some credit. This is our first family picture! :) Yes, I look tired, I know, and you're not supposed to post awful pictures of yourself on your blog, probably, but look at Tim holding Mini Me! How cute are they?
There's the monster this afternoon. We were on our way to pick out a new family member.There he is - Pinky the fish!
Yes, he picked out the pink one. He likes pink. But there's more to the story and maybe you wanna hear it? If not, feel free to slip to whatever blog you're moving on to next. Pinky is what he calls my mom. She used to be "The Pink Grandma" and he shortened it to "Pinky" and we just go with it. So he told me he wanted "A Pinky Grandma fish so I can never be lonely." It's a male beta (sometimes it's spelled betta, and some people say "bet-uh" and some say "bay-tuh" - we say "bay") but Mini has decided it's a girl and that it's his Pinky Grandma fish who is going to keep him company. We had a party tonight, sort of, and I have pictures, but I'm REALLY drunk right now (who knew Super Mario Borthers Wii made such a great drinking game???) so I can't find my tiny pink camera. Maybe you'll want to see them tomorrow?

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  1. What a day...celebrating the birth of your precious baby boy♥

    He's a little man in progress, I can't wait to hear how PINKY is settling in...