Friday, January 28, 2011

I lied - I'm California blogging!!

Suzi and Patricia picked me up from the airport!
Then we took a picture so we could post it to Facebook and text it to our friends :)THEN I got to play with Suzi stamps!!!We made little tiny paintings with the stamps for CHA today.It's so funny, meeting someone for the first time you never really know what to expect...this was completely comfortable, just like hanging out with an old friend. Last night we wandered around a grocery store when we realized all the restaurant were closed (Starbucks, too!) and we forgot to buy dog food, which was why we went there in the first place - just like when I go to Target for milk and I come home with Cheetos. Today we're heading to CHA and I'm not sure if our hotel has Wifi - I hope so, so I can skype with Mini Me...

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  1. Fabulous!!! I'm living it thru you Googie! luvvv