Saturday, January 15, 2011


Do people outgrow sleepovers? I think some people probably do, especially people who don't have friends from childhood. Rarely does one adult say to another "You wanna spend the night at my house?" like children do. That being said, me and Liam spent the night at Kelly's last night. It was good times! She has crazy boys and I have a crazy boy and they mostly entertain each other when we toss them together. I like it!

Kelly and I are taking the Strathmore Visual Journal classes (they're free) and the first teacher is Pam Carriker. I was SO EXCITED - a FREE class with Pam Carriker, what could be better?!? Then the class started and I've been SUPER disappointed. I really don't WANT to make copies of my old journal pages and cut out the focal image to glue on another page. Why can't I just draw a new focal image? BUT...I've given in. For my overnight play date with Kelly, I printed some of my old stuff (times two) for us to play with and we collaged.

Then, Kelly's youngest son and Mini Me decided they wanted to collage, too! How cute is that??


  1. I love sleepovers and I'm 56! Sometimes with just my best friend and we talk until the wee hours and sometimes with a group of my crafty friends and we work on projects until we can't stay awake any longer. I hope I never outgrow them!

  2. That is awesome! I still do sleep overs with my best friend (but she is also my sister, does that count?) and it is always so much fun. Now I just need to get her interested in journals. :)