Thursday, January 13, 2011

Evolution of a Pam page

OK, I really didn't think I could do this. (Maybe I can't, it's still too early to tell.) But I really like this page so far and I wanted to share it with you! It's taken FOREVER. Hours. I started this one last week at Kelly's. (I posted it then, I think)

Then I COLLAGED! (Please be proud, you know I'm a horrible collager. Collagist?) And over the collage I stamped a little more. (Pam says.)

Here it is with charcoal added around the collage elements. I'm not sure if I like the charcoal yet, but that's what Pam would do.
I'm happy with how this one is going so far. The others, not so much, but that's a story for another day...


  1. It's looking really great - you should be VERY proud!!

    Where did the bat come from?

  2. Looks great, Goog! I love your images.