Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Masters Project: Month 2

Pam Carriker! I can't afford to take a class with her, but Kelly and I are going to spend January studying her style and figuring out what Pam would do. Here are some pictures from our play date today.

It's paint and stamps and more stamps. Some embossing and texture-making.
I'm afraid of Pam for some reason, so I tried to get a bunch of pages done at Kelly's before I had to come home and handle it by myself. And you know what the next step is?
COLLAGE!! You know I'm a collage retard - Kelly said so.

Luckily this one still needs some stamping.
And this one! This one might be my favorite so far - until I wreck it with collage, of course.
I'm going to spend some time tonight watching Pam tutorials on YouTube so I can get int he Pam mood. WWPD?

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