Saturday, January 22, 2011

Finished PanPastel girl

All finished! I haven't been giving my faces pupils lately and I'm not sure why. There's a possibility I might add them later, but I doubt it.
My friend Tal asked me if I "fixed" the pastels. I didn't. I never do. The only time I expect this page to be pretty is right NOW. If I paint on the back page and get it on this page, I don't care. If the pastels smudge all over the back of the cover, I don't care. That probably doesn't make sense to people, huh? I wish I had a good reason for that. As long as a painting makes me happy while I'm working on it and immediately after I'm finished, that's really all I ask of it. In a week I don't care about it anymore, I've moved on.


  1. It looks absolutely fab!!! Love, love, love it!! Did you have any issues with the journal pens clogging? What sort of pens did you use?

  2. Beautiful! Love the pans for skin. The detail in hair is perfect!

  3. I used a black water-based Sharpie poster paint pen and had no issues at all. :)