Monday, January 31, 2011

Marco's Art Store

Most of you guys don't know this but I'm originally from NY city - the Bronx. I go back there often, and until my friends moved to Minneapolis, I'd never been to another "big" city. I just kind of figured they were all the same. Minneapolis is a whole new world compared to Manhattan, but let's talk Los Angeles.

People don't walk in Los Angeles, did you know that? No one walks. At all. Suzi and are both like "Where is everybody?" Keep this in mind - no walkers.

We forgot some of the supplies we were supposed to bring for CHA...most of the supplies, actually. So, Friday night before we went to bed, we looked up Art Supplies on the iPhone - mine is usually REALLY GOOD about finding places using the Maps app, but Suzi has a fun one called "Around Me" and that's what we used to look up art supplies. We found Marco's Art Store a mile from the hotel we were staying at, and figured a mile was really no big deal to walk. We got up Saturday morning and started off to Marco's. STILL no people walking. As we got farther and farther away from our hotel, the parking lots got cheaper and cheaper - $2 for ALL DAY? That's f-ing crazy to a couple of girls who are used to NY parking lots where you pay $10 for 15 minutes. So we're walking along with all of our stuff for CHA - I have Suzi's laptop on my hip, she's got her little suitcase full of stuff and her cute little dress on. We looked like the perfect victims just waiting to happen.

Needless to say, Marco's was a HUGE let-down. I'm talking huge. Not only did we walk a mile out of our way BEFORE we ate breakfast or had coffee - all Marco's had to sell us was unfinished Greek statues. Then we started walking back and realized what a HORRIBLE neighborhood we were in!! Luckily it was early enough on a Saturday morning that the muggers were still sleeping off Friday night.

Moral of the story: NO ONE walks anywhere in LA and people named Marco are going to let you down.

Suzi drew her and I added a little color, she says "we were almost a victim today at Marco's art store".

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  1. Glad you guys survived "the hood".... you never did say what ya'll did without your art supplies!!