Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One of those days...

I've been working in this cartoon journal since January first. The first couple of days I just sort of sat at the table and worked in it all day long, but I can't do that all the time, right? I know I'll get better and faster the more I do this stuff, but some days are just annoying.

(Pinky the fish)

Drawing a face is a lot easier when you have room to draw it big, but when I want to put a couple of people in a scene it's really hard to draw them so small.
(Liam on his birthday)

I intended to make up a cast of characters before I started really working in this journal so I knew what people were going to look like: me, Tim, Liam, Kelly and her family, Tami, Sean and Shanti - people I see or talk to regularly. But I think a BIG part of me thought I would flake out on this project and not complete it. Maybe not even start it. So I never bothered to do that.


It's not easy for me. Not at ALL. I think "How hard is it to draw a muffin?" but then when I get started, I spend an hour drawning and erasing and drawing and erasing, and I finally Yahoo it (I don't like Google) and then it only takes me a few minutes, but I've already wasted so long trying to figure it out that I'm annoyed and I don't want to do anymore.
(Me, feeling heavy-headed)

Then there are those days (like today) where I just don't FEEL like drawing. I'm going to make myself because I want drawing to be the thing I do when I'm in this kind of mood. I want it to be my zen place. I'm never going to get there if I don't do it every day. AND I'm going to start adding color to these drawings. It's time, don't you think?


  1. Yes!! Time for color and Copic markers!!! I bound my cartoon book and now its time to make panels!