Friday, September 30, 2011


I'm very confused by SO many online art classes I see. They say things like "I'll teach you how to make THIS EXACT PROJECT for only $100 for four lessons" and I think to myself "what are you, nuts?" (that's a very NY think to say when someone's acting crazy). Why would you want to learn how to make ONE SPECIFIC THING? Exactly what the teacher made? If I'm taking a class, I want a technique. YES, I want to know exactly what products/colors/papers the teacher is using. But I don't want to know how to paint a tree. I can figure that out once you teach me how to use paints. Suzi hasn't just taught me how to make ONE face. She's taught me how to line up the features of a face and make a MILLION faces if I want. Classes are not "make this exact project" they're "we're going to have THIS as our theme and learn THESE techniques" and a hundred people using the same techniques will produce three hundred different things within the theme and a thousand things using the techniques OUTSIDE of the theme. I just don't understand a class that teaches you how to simply paint a rose.

Mini me at his first 3D movie...Uncle Sean took him and they had a wonderful time!

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