Thursday, March 15, 2012

Inspired by Amy McDonald

I really liked the way Amy did hair one day - it totally made me think of fairies, because it's totally out of the way for flying and ding magic. I loved it, so I tried it!

And since it was on canvas board, not paper like usual, I headed straight for paint. No colored pencils.

Voila! Fairy!


  1. Goog! How are you!? Thank you for your visit and comment - and thank you for sharing this great piece inspired by Amy! (She's great, right ;) I LOVE what you did - and love the hair too, xoxo

  2. Goog. This is so cool - someone sent this link to me in an email yesterday and i read it just before bed and it just really made my day.

    I see this is over a year old (: but i wanted to comment and let you know that i think this is so kind and rad of you.