Monday, March 5, 2012

MN Center for Book Arts

My pal TJ belongs to a co-op that's part of the MN Center for Book Arts, so she's taking all kinds of fun classes and learning to play with all of these really big machines and stuff. She'll be typesetting and using presses and bookbinding. So, she took me there the other day and I got to play, too!! It was awesome!

There are rooms FILLED with type:

And this is what lino-cutting is for!! I totally didn't get lino-cutting because I was like "Um, can't I just carve a stamp out of the soft rubber stuff?" but this lino blocks are for PRESSES. She did all the hard work for this one she let me print, it's for a swap she's in (she might kill me when she sees I posted this), but she let me make this print! Isn't it AWESOME? I had the best time, I hope she lets me go back and play again!

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  1. Goog don't be silly! I'm proud that you had so much fun that you'd post about it on your blog. Thanks for helping me make that run of cards... wish you could always be there!!