Thursday, March 29, 2012

A teeny tiny change

This was completely surprising to me. Maybe the whole world knows this already? If so, how come no one told me?? This is the mom from my Angry Banana animation (I got an A, by the way, AND my teacher showed it at the end-of-quarter showcase - the ONLY one he showed) and here she is looking happy:

And here, angry:

So, anyone who is familiar with photoshop can see the background. This is a digitally drawn figure, I made her in Flash, so when I tell you that the top one and the bottom one are the EXACT same one, I don't mean I redrew her the same way or made a copy somehow - it is LITERALLY the EXACT same face except in one she has angry eyebrows and in the other she doesn't. That is the ONLY thing I changed. I'm the one who did it and I can still hardly believe it. Is this amazing or am I just crazy? (Wait - don't answer that...)

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