Saturday, March 31, 2012

Prayer Flag Swap

I wasn't going to join the prayer flag swap because I am not a spiritual person.  And yet, here I am. Blame Kelly, who was doing it and wanted me to do it and said it was OK even though I don't pray.

I started with little flowers, made using a Donna Downey tutorial from an old INspiration Wednesday. Of course, her foundation was felt and mine is cardstock, and she used fabric glue and I used Elmer's, but still - the flowers came out SUPER cute. I love them and I hope the recipients love them, too!

I guess I didn't photograph each step like I should because here the flag is sprayed (the blue background AND the orange flower) and the step painted. I used alcohol sprays I made myself and glue the flower onto the canvas with more Elmer's glue. Trust me, no one who's getting a flag reads my blog so they'll never know.

I added a little fabric ruffle to the bottom. I have no idea how to actually make ruffle, so I scrunched up some fabric one little bit at a time and ironed it, then I sewed it on with a few back and forth lines because I wanted you to be able to see the stitching, I wanted that to be part of the flag.

Next, the word or words. I simply don't have very many. I was thinking of writing "bloom" with a Glaze pen, I practiced it over and over in my sketch book. But then I dug around in my stamps to see if I could add anything else to them, and I found the "dream" stamp. Blooming, dreaming, neither of these are praying, exactly, but dreaming could lead to praying, couldn't it? We have to dream of what we want before we can ask God for it, don't we? I don't know. It seemed OK, so I went with it. I stamped it with StazOn, thinking permanent was good, but it doesn't matter because if the thing gets wet, it's toast - Elmer's is washable!!

I'm not sure if I like the fairy on it, but I asked my peeps for a vote and they said keep it, so it's staying.

I know it looks like there's a big space at the top, and there is - we're supposed to leave the top two inches clear for hanging, so I did (other than the spray, which wont interfere in the hanging process). I don't know if I like them, but I really like swapping. I just to swap quilt blocks and I kind of miss that. I made six - five to swap with my group and one for Kelly. The more I look at it, the more I feel like it might still need something.

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