Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chevron vs Zigzag

Apparently "chevron" and "zigzag" are the same thing. Same exact thing! Why do we need different names for the same thing? I have no idea. But I really wanted some chevron stamps, so I carved some! 

This one is the full size of the block, about 4x6:

This ons is just a chunk, maybe 2x4:

Both of them make me very happy! 


  1. Love it...I must go back to the stamp-making instructions...think I was on holiday at the time...this is so effective, yet it looks so easy? to make.

    1. If youhave any trouble, shoot me an email or a message at Suzi school! I LOVE carving!!

  2. They actually aren't the same thing! The top stamp you made is a zig zag and the bottom is pretty much a chevron (chevron is more like a single zig, if that makes sense!)

    Awesome carved stamps, btw.