Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Little Birdie, why do you fly upside down?

Anyone know where that's from? Give it a guess! Anyway, Liam and I were walking the other day, home from Michael's, of course, and we walked past this dead little bird on the sidewalk. He's SO sensitive about things like that, so I kept him talking about it the whole way home so he wouldn't start crying. We talked about how pretty the birdie was and how he would've looked while he was flying. It was a blue jay, I'm almost certain, and their colors are SO pretty. Liam's favorite color is blue, so we talked about that. And then I suggested that we draw the birdie when we got home, to remember him like he might've looked before he died. So I looked up "how to draw a blue jay" and these are the results:

Kelly likes the angry one best, Liam LOVED them, and I'm thinking they might need a little watercolor. 


  1. I love the one at the very top of the first picture, but they are all great. You sound like you are a really great Mom Goog.

    1. You think? I don't always feel like a very good one! He's just such a sensitive little guy and I was trying to distract him! Drawing the silly birds was fun, though :)