Monday, November 12, 2012

Gelli Plate!

I have so many pictures, I could bore the shit out of you!! I don't really "get it", even after playing with it for a few hours. It's super squishy, and mine is the middle sized one, 8x10. My papers are 7x10, so it's perfect for them. Basically, you roll some paint on it. then smash something textured in it, then slap the paper down and peel it off. The instructions that came with it said I don't have to clean it, that extra bits of paint make interesting effects! How cool is that?? So I went to dinner with son and hubby, had a couple of drinks, and then drunk dialed a friend on the way home, so I was drunk and distracted, perfect for making art, right?

This one is obviously a couple of paint colors, then bubble wrap. The sort of cool thing is the bubble wrap color isn't the yellow, it's the pink. (Quin magenta, of course.) So, I brayered on the QM, then smashed the bubble wrap on it, so the paint is removed by the bubble wrap. Then put the paper down on the plate and peel it off and so you sort of get the reverse of the bubble wrap. It was fun, it really was, but it's no big deal. 

Here I did a layer of orange, then used a jar of Ultra Matte Gel to make the circles - just smashed the jar into the paint and twisted to make some cool circles. Then I used a fun circle stencil - put it down, brayered the paint through it onto the gelli plate, put the paper down. But couldn't I have gotten the same effect just brayering through the stencil directly onto the paper? I think so, but I'm not the greatest stenciler and the plate does make it easier because the paint doesn't seem to seep under it like it would if I just put the stencil directly onto the paper and tried to brayer paint through it.

Same things here - paint, circle stencil. Remember, I was drunk so doing it over and over was amusing :)

Here is the bubblewrap technique again but I did it on patterned scrapbook paper that I sewed together. I have strange passions, I guess, but I really like how it came out!!

Biggest lesson I learned last night: you can get wet acrylic paint out of your new jeans if you go after it RIGHT AWAY and use a toothbrush to scrub it!

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  1. I have a gelli plate too and have only used it twice- so I am kind of in the same boat. Maybe it's one of those things where you really need to find your groove and then you are all about it? I have to say that your pages turned out really cool- kind of makes me want to dig mine out and play with it. I'm trying to journal every day along with you- not doing perfect yet, but at least it's getting me to do something! Have a super week Goog. Scrubbing paint out of new jeans while drunk kind of sounds like something I would do-lol.