Friday, November 16, 2012

Face Up or Face Down

Apparently, this is a question that plagues people. Does your printer print on the front of the paper or the back? I guess most people WRITE on the paper, then print something and see if it printed on the same side that they wrote on. I didn't realize this was a problem for people until I was sitting in class, listening to Stan talk about how he wasn't sure how we were going to print something double-sided and he wasn't sure how the paper printed and blah, blah, blah. So I raised my hand and I told him (and the class) that there's an icon on the print tray. They found this to be amazing, and several of them argued with me that it wasn't possible because they'd never seen it. We went to the lab and the tray was pulled open and chests thrust out in defiance as people were ready to see me FAIL because it was simply impossible that they just weren't paying enough attention. And then I pointed to it and said "See? The paper prints on the front." My teacher was so shocked it was actually there! Good times at ITT Tech.

Here is an example of what your printer DOES have on it somewhere. I promise. Keep looking. The one on the left means that it prints on the FRONT of the paper. The one on the right means it prints on the BACK. If the printer has more than one tray, there is an icon for each. I swear. 

Also, I'd be willing to BET that your home printer will mirror, print double-sided, and do all manner of things you might think are impossible. Instruction manuals are good reading! (I can't help it, I like them!!)


  1. I never knew this and I'm really happy to learn it! Thank you!!! (I'm one of those write on the paper and see how it prints girls-but NO MORE!)

    1. Now you don't have to! Never let it be said that Goog's head is filled with useless knowledge!!