Saturday, November 10, 2012

Jack who?

You know those people who say "Jack of all trades is master of none"? I say screw 'em. I LIKE trying new things, learning new stuff, practicing it until I'm good at it. Knowledge doesn't leak out of your brain when you learn something new, so why not do it? When Suzi said "Let's make jewelry, get some tools, I have beads." I said "OK, I'll be over tomorrow." And you know what? I freaking LOVE it. I really, really, REALLY like working with my hands. I can't always do it because I have nerve damage in my right arm and so I'm always in pain - some days better than others. But this is something I'm going to do more of because it is FUN. 

See my little skully? He's an earring! Would you wear him? He's freaking cute, isn't he??

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