Thursday, November 8, 2012

Polychromos verdict: Yuck

I wanted to love them. Who doesn't love a new supply to play with? But they just don't blend. At all. This is me pushing as hard as I could with the cream color:

Yuckola, right? Overall, the page came out fine. I'm probably going to stamp some words on her, but she's done for the most part. I should've just stuck with my prismacolors. Next time!


  1. sooo glad I did not buy these to try. I have to mail order most supplies, so I depend on what recommendations I read- thank you for letting us know they suck!

    1. I really LOVE the way they feel when I color with them, so I'm super disappointed with them. I'm going to try the gamsol technique (blending them with mineral spirits) and see if they're good for that. I'll let you know!!