Monday, November 19, 2012

Don't waste time!

I was skarting with Ajae and Kelly the other night and this is something that came out after I thought I was done for the night. It's just a pen doodle on a torn piece of scrap paper, but I really liked how she came out!

I ripped the paper some more before I added it to a background page, just with a cheap glue stick.

I was working on a different page and ended up getting some black crap on her face, oops!

Then I added some words with my alphabet stamps. I colored them in with Copics and then use a water bottle cap to add the pink circles. 

This is only half the quote: "Don't waste time being who you are"...


  1. Nice! I kind of like the black spots on her face-and I really like the lettering covering part of her too.

    1. It wasn't easy to stamp right over her eyeball, even though she was just a thirty-second pen sketch! I'm learning to love things like black spots on faces and stamps over eyes.