Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Good Hair Day!

Same thing as the other day - printed photo, silly hair. I kind of want to do this with pictures of people that I know. Who wants to volunteer? Guess I'll start with Mini Me. He's always a willing subject!

There's not much texture or shading. Not really much of anything. I feel NOTHING when I look through this journal, but it's probably me and not the journal, right? 


  1. That's great! You can have a go with me if you like Goog :) I hope you can give me some amazing hair too! I'm going to try this with a magazine photo...well maybe....

  2. you could do me too- I kind of hate my hair right now and I'm not brave enough in real life to ever do something crazy with it :) Do you usually feel something when you go through your journals? Maybe the pages still need something more and they are just waiting for you to find what that is? I love the colors in this page and your handwriting is awesome!

  3. Hm...I always feel like my journals should be filled with my day, no? My emotions, my happiness and/or darkness. But I really just want to play with pretty colors!!

  4. It could be- but I don't think it has to be. Mine ends up being a mix of things- sometimes it's like that where I write like you would in a diary and then other pages are just drawings with no words at all. I think if you are happy playing with colors in your journal then that is all that matters, right?

    1. You're completely right. I've been feeling very lost with my art lately and I'm just not sure why. I used to journal everyday, just push paint around, spray crap, doodle. I feel paralyzed and I don't like it!