Sunday, July 3, 2011

Duck Tape sheets

I know, I know, it's not "duck tape", it's "duct tape". However, this brand of duct tape is Duck Tape. Deal with it. (And everyone says duck tape. No one puts both of those t's in there, we talk too fast and have too much to say. Except maybe Mater, he talks pretty slow.) Anyway, you see what I'm holding? Behind it you can see the rolls, but in my hand is a SHEET. An awesome, patterned, super freaking cool sheet of ducT tape. It comes in all the cool colors and patterns that the tape comes in.
I'm thinking Liam's next journal is getting covered in this stuff. He won't even care, I'll just be totally amused. Hey, I wonder if those die cut things at Archiver's could cut fun shaped out of it? I'll have to try it when no one's looking.

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