Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You Suck Monday - Art Dolls

Mine is a pretty loose interpretation of the word "doll", I'll admit. But I don't like dolls. At all. They're creepy. Now, if creepy is what you're going for, more power to ya. But that's NOT what we were going for, so here's what I did.

I got some foam board at Michael's. You can get HUGE sheets of it, but until I find a better way to cut it (and maybe get a car because it would have been awkward to try and get it home) I'm going to stick with the small ones. This was a bi-fold one that I cut in half so I had two 9x12 pieces.

Then I printed some pictures that I thought might be fun cutouts. I made them large enough to cover a letter sized piece of paper, left one color, made one black and white, and blended one. After it was printed I glued the paper onto the foam board with Golden Regular Gel and shoved it under my husband's (super heavy) laptop.

Then I cut around Mini Me with an Exacto knife and used sandpaper to smooth the rough edges. I would have preferred a nail file, but when I suggested that my husband snorted and said "Have you ever met you?" So, if you have a nail file (or a car to go to the store), that might be better - but I have no idea, since I've never tried it.

Then I glued a little extra piece of the foam board onto the back so Mini would stand upright. Hubby has decided he wants an office job (he's a chef), so he has a place to put it.

Is it a doll? Maybe not. I hope I don't get fired from You Suck Monday! 

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