Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I keep trying to convince Kelly we need to do the Illustration Friday prompts, but we mostly just talk about them and pretend like we're going to do something. She's cracking down on me, though. Last Friday's word was "remedy" and I have to admit - the first thing that came to mind was booze and pills, but when I started sketching them, I realized they're not a remedy for anything. My friends are. They always make me laugh and that's the remedy for almost anything. It's supposed to be Suzi and Kelly, but after I took the picture I realized I made Suzi's eyes blue. I'm recoloring them now!!

Oh, it's an ATC on paper that's WAY more textured than I like so the colored pencils don't blend very well. But I made it, it's finished, and finished is better than perfect.

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