Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Journaling the "spirit" of art

Ajae says it's all about the spirit of art and that I have that 'down". I want that to be true! I make MOST of my art in my journals. It's just how I work. But I rarely journal about my day or my life. I usually just draw or paint whatever comes to mind. But THIS day was "petit/portrait" day on The Schedule AND it was our first journaling MeetUp AND Kelly was having a flare-up (a small one, thank goodness). So I journaled about it.

And I printed some stuff about FMS and stuck it on there, along with the pic from the MeetUp.

Then, because I can't seem to stop stamping this image, I stamped my tree onto this page that I found on my table and added it to the facing page because it's fun!

Then, paint!

And here is a shrinky dink in action!

I'm having trouble shading faces in this journal, that's why Kelly is still so pale! You know I love Fabriano Artistico paper, but it's horrible with Prismacolors. Maybe I should copic marker her?!? It's a pretty big area, but today is copic marker/cartoon day on The Schedule...


  1. Love your handmade swirly tree stamp!! with the shrinky dink owl and bright painted background.

  2. Goog, has anyone ever told you that you are BRILLIANT?!? I mean, besides school evaluators? I think you are brilliant at art and creating! xoxoxo