Saturday, August 18, 2012

Birthday Watercolors

I guess I like them. Sort of. I like the transparency of them, anyway. This is just some pen doodles and silliness. You can zoom in - those are song lyrics, not my heart pouring out onto the page. Well, it's a song that totally touches my heart, so maybe I'm wrong!  So, some people say there's no difference between the super cheap watercolors and the expensive ones. I have to say that the expensive ones are a LOT more vibrant.

But my little set didn't come with face colors so I went back to the cheapies for that. And yes, I know her mouth is funny-looking, but it was pen so there was no saving it. I decided not to stress over it. 

Finished. Love it. Oh, see how the yellow leaked over into the blue? Don't care!


  1. So pretty! I really like the designs in the sun, and I don't think her mouth looks funny at all. Although maybe I'm biased because I've totally made mouths like that? :)