Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Printer Sucks!!

Oh, no, not MY printer. That's YOU saying that. I LOVE my printer and I've had it since Christmas of 2006 and it has outlasted many computers. My parents got it for me, along with my first copy of Photoshop Elements, just before Mini Me was born. That way I could print the pictures I took of him. It's an HP 4300 series (I think) and takes six different ink cartridges and whatever. If you really wanna know, I'll find out the details. But that's not the point. Here's the point:

You see the quality difference between these two pictures? You see it? The one on the left (top and bottom) is shitty. Extra shitty, really. The one on the right? Not so shitty. Now, it's NOT a great picture because I had to get it off the Fan HQ website. It's my son giving Denard Spann (a player for the Twins) "five", while Denard holds out a dollar (to entice Liam into giving him five). Tim and Liam know Denard outside of baseball a little, but still - this cracks me up.

(Point, Goog, what's the point??) These two pictures (one picture, really) are printed from the EXACT same printer, using the EXACT same settings both times. The quality difference is THE PAPER. That's right, people. I bet your printer doesn't suck at all. I bet you've been paying $5 for a ream of shitty ass paper and then blaming your printer for giving you shitty ass results.

If you were going to pay Wal-Mart (or CVS or who the fuck ever) to print you an 8x10 of a picture, you'd GLADLY give them five or ten bucks for it. So why do you whine about buying printer ink? Do you know how many 8x10s you can get with $50 of printer ink? WAY MORE than if you pay someone else to print them. The paper that I use is called Royal Brights and I buy it at Sam's Club for about $10. My printer takes six ink cartridges and they're about $10 each, except the black, which is $20. Yellow ALWAYS runs out the fastest. I don't know why. It just does. The left paper is "regular" printer paper. What happened here was: I had the good paper on top of the crappy paper and they got caught together and the pic accidentally printed on the crappy paper. Blah. But I thought it would be a good way for people to see how to get what you really want out of something you already have.


  1. fantastic post- you can clearly see a big difference. It's like I always tell the hubby- sometimes it's better to spend some money and get something decent :) Have a great week!

  2. Yes! I recently discovered this with my printer and it kind of blew my mind. THE PAPER! Duh I can't believe it took me 1.5 years to work that one out. ;)